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Cagematch @ The UCBT - 10.20.11

Hardcore wrestling legend, standup comedian, and god Mick Foley made a surprise drop-in at Cagematch! It was insane! I tweeted "This is bigger than Diddy, right?" to which @chrisgethard promptly replied, "no way!" Okay, maybe not quite Diddy big, but on a scale of UCBT celebrity appearances from Matthew "Free Money" Lesko to Diddy, it's wayyyyy up there. It's one of those epic moments that only happens here. The UCBW has been around how long--like 5 years, right? And to get one of the most iconic pro-wrestlers of all time to not only come down to the show, but participate in a match! That's major. Can only imagine it's a dream come true for everyone involved.

"Have you heard the one about Superfly Jimmy Snuka?"

Razor Raymond (someone dressed like Razor Ramon on a Razor scooter) looks on disapprovingly as Mick tells everyone he'll be tonight's Guest Enforcer.

Zach Linder is just barely able to get back his special elbow pad from Mick.


Silvija Ozols, Gavin Speiller and Eddie Dunn of Rogue Elephant. I had a bad angle, sorry!!!

Kate Riley, Don Fanelli and Dru Johnston of Fuck That Shit, the new Cagematch champions!

Here's how the UCBW match ended... it was awesome.

Mick tweeted later:

What an amazing time  in NYC last night - so many talented performers, and an incredibly supportive crowd! Thanks to      and all the people I missed...and everyone who sent out such spirited tweets. I would love to do another show at the historic Upright Citizens Brigade Theater!