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Todd Margaret Cosplayers Really Do Exist

Last week I joked about digging through all your 30-gallon plastic storage totes and dragging out the ol' Todd Margaret cosplay outfit for NY Comic Con. Turns out this is a real thing, as evidenced by this video from The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret panel there.


Why Are David Cross and David Landau Never in the Same Room Together? made a keen observation the other day that David Cross and famed children's entertainer David Landau MIGHT BE THE SAME PERSON. There's a chance they might not be too, but there's no mountain of evidence to support either claim. The fact is, no one really knows. The two Davids are never seen together on stage, and to my knowledge, they've never publicly denied not being the other person. Look at this infographic if you need hard-hitting evidence.


If they're really not the same guy, then perhaps this is a lead in that cold case from a few years ago.