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Invite Them Up - So Hot It Burns

eugenemirman.jpg Ay ay ay! The hottest tickets in town right now are for the Invite Them Up recordings at Pianos in the Lower East Side. So blisteringly scalding, the Craigslist ticket scalping community ain't letting go of their tix! Comedy Central is producing this three day mega event to cut a CD and a DVD. Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale have tapped nearly every major comedy player living in the city. It's a Who's Who of hilarity: Michael Showalter, Jon Benjamin, SNL scribes Slovin & Allen, Late Night writers Jon Glaser, Demetri Martin & Andy Blitz, Time Out NY's FAVORITE COMEDIAN OF ALL TIME--Aziz Ansari, Chelsea Peretti, Todd Barry, Heather Lawless, AD Miles, freakin' David Cross and more! Can you believe the shows are only 10 bucks with no shitty drink minimums? What a deal! Can you believe you waited too long to get tickets and the shows are SOLD OUT? Boo hoo hoo. But wait! The word is that there are ways of getting in. Aziz gives us some insider details. Chelsea has some too!

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They're Just Like Us

Daily Show correspondent, Rob Corddry is just like us! He was spotted Sunday afternoon, scarfing down tasty Pan-Asian cuisine at Faan, a Carroll Gardens restaurant that mildly resembles a birdcage on Smith Street, Brooklyn. Early reports indicate his previous night's UCB talk show was a big hit. The Black Table Interview: THE BEST Q&A WITH ROB CORDDRY OF THE DAILY SHOW... EVER. Have Rob Corddry speak at your school or team building event!

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The Apiary Launches NOW!

There's a lot of comedy in NYC. So much so, that a site dedicated to documenting the city's comedic landscape is launching right now. Ka-boom! Liftoff! The Apiary recognizes that in this town, shows and events by brilliant comedians tend to go overlooked by the masses. Everyone wants to talk about the next hot band, the new art opening, or the blah blah blah pulitzer prize winning author. Well, we don't! We want to talk about the funny people that populate New York and the funny things they do. The Apiary is the place to bee!

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