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Look Who's On the Wall of Celebrity Patrons at Goodburger

I was eating at Goodburger in Union Square today and look who I found staring down at me from their wall of BOLD NAME burgermeisters...

Maury Povich!

THE Billy Elliot!

And Matt McCarthy holding a sack of Doritos!

How does the celebrity patron wall thing work exactly? Was Matt carrying the headshot when he ate that day? OR does the back office of Goodburger have a printout of every celebrity JUST IN CASE they stop in? Do you think Matt received a Goodburger VIP Card for this endorsement and abuses the shit out of it just like Lindsay Lohan did with Carvel?



Video by M. Woody Fu

On an improv stage, whenever reality and make-believe intersect, the results are almost always fascinating, if not incredible. Last night was no exception as two heterosexual men were married in a civil service that was presided over by a justice of the peace. In the name of long-form improv, Jamaal Sedayao (Brick) wed Kyle Levenick as part of the "OH, SHIT!" challenge in the wildly popular Inspirado tournament. According to their Facebook profiles, Sedayao has agreed to take Levenick's last name. At least until the annulment takes place, which, according to some guy who yelled out at the theater last night, "Only costs $250!" Congratulations to the happy couple!

UPDATE: Jamaal informed me that "I'd like to annul the marriage, but I dread the thought of taking the trip down to the city council (or whichever office that handles annulments) to stand in line and fill paper work. Sounds like a trip to the DMV. No thanks. So I guess what I'm saying is I'd rather be married to a dude than do that. This marriage might last a couple weeks. Plus, I want to uphold the sanctity of the 'OH SHIT!' challenge. Live in it for a bit."



Life After Lopez | Grace Parra

Ambivalent Panda | Arthur Warburton
Baron Vaughn | Conan


Marc Maron holding up a post-Sept. 11 newspaper | Photo courtesy of Jodi Lennon

By: Keith Huang

Tonight comedian and filmmaker Jodi Lennon will debut her mini-documentary "The Voice of Something," a 10-year video project that was spawned in the aftermath of Sept. 11. The 18-minute video documentary follows standup comic Marc Maron, Lennon's neighbor in Astoria, Queens, at the time, over the course of a single day (Sept. 19, 2001), as he prepares to perform a standup set at the Comedy Cellar in Manhattan. I spoke to Jodi briefly about the mini-documentary, and here's what she said:

I know you shot a lot of hours of footage. Are you happy with how it was edited together?
Nick Moujis was the editor and he did an awesome job. We worked really hard on it, and I can walk away saying I am pleased with how it was edited together.

Why did you decide to keep it to an 18-minute piece?
I feel like 18 minutes was the right amount of time because it's all from one day. And I feel like less is more. Also, this way we can show it in more outlets. And we can make a show out of it in an hour.

Did Marc remember most of that day?
He definitely remembered it. And because we had spent 10 hours together -- have you ever spent 10 hours with someone?

Not lately.
Yeah, it was like a grown-up slumber party but during the day. You spend all this time together. It was a bonding experience. So he definitely remembered it, and he had seen it because I had edited it together 10 years ago as a 5-minute version. So I asked if I could revisit it and re-edit it and he said yes. But when I showed him this newer version, I wanted to make sure he approved of it. I wasn't going to show something he wasn't comfortable with.

Was there anything that he wasn't okay with initially?
No, he signed off on it. I sent him the 18-minute version and kept my fingers crossed because we had worked really hard on it, and thankfully he just said, "Yeah, go for it," which is really nice because ... I think I would feel weird if it was me. If anything, he felt like he looked weird. You know, it's different facial hair and different glasses.

What's the context of the day of the taping (Sept. 19)?

Marc had done two days of shows before that. So he was already going back on stage and was still trying to figure out what his act was. But I had, in general, been following people's creative processes -- artists and actors -- before September 11. And it just so happened I knew him and I was wondering what it was going to be like for him to go back on stage.

Was there any discussion about what would happen to your footage if the standup show didn't go well?
Well, you'll see. It was still a very odd audience. I think Marc and I were open to seeing what the process was like. I think it's really just about him really articulating his voice. He was a political standup and it was an intense time. And it was about him not wanting to appear insensitive but at the same time having the freedom to vocalize what he was thinking and feeling comedically. So it was complicated. It was that struggle of "What am I trying to say, and how am I going to say it?"

What's your recollection of the comedy scene right after Sept. 11?
That whole week right before I saw Marc, we all communed. A ton of friends in the comedy scene just drank a lot. We were definitely getting together in different bars in the city because you just wanted to see your friends. It was like wanting to be with your family. And not a lot of people were performing immediately after, so that was a big part of it. And then I felt like we all just wanted to be normal as soon as possible. The drinking got old, we were all confused and the city was raw. And I think that was another part of Marc's struggle. He was -- and is -- a standup. That's his job. He had to get back to work. It's weirder than most jobs.

So why did you decide to bring the video back? To coincide with the 10-year anniversary?
You know how it is, I made lots of things and I just didn't get back to it. But this, because of WTF -- and I've listened to WTF a lot -- I realized that this footage of Marc's voice is still quite similar to how it is now. And it's shocking the themes that are still so strong with him. What he talks about now on WTF existed 10 years ago. He's very consistent.


New SNL Featured Player Rumor Alert Issued For Mary Faber

I heard a hot rumor that Broadway star Mary Faber tested for Saturday Night Live recently and is being considered for a spot on the show. She currently sings and dances opposite Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed and has studied improv at both The PIT and UCB.

Lorne Michaels issued a statement last month saying SNL was neither firing nor hiring any cast members this season, HOWEVER, according to sources close to the matter, they're potentially interested in making room for a female... if the right one comes along. Is Mary the one?? Mary's SNL audition reel is up on YouTube, check it out.

Seems like she'd be awesome, hope she gets it! Here's a list of 15 fun facts about Mary.

The Apiary was the first to report on the SNL casting rumors last year. Send tips to if you hear anything.


A Live Studio Audience For Whitney Looks Like This

When I think of LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCES in LA, my mind generates images of hapless, infirm yokels just trying to enjoy their Universal Studiez vacay. Maybe they're buying a fake Coach clutch somewhere or hoping to spot Chuck Lorre eating a salad on a sidewalk when suddenly they're violently tasered and thrown into cube truck and taken to some horrid, chilly room for 5 hours. Whitney, the new NBC series premiering September 22nd, is taped in front of a live studio audience and I guess they don't seem all that miserable or debilitated here. Some are smiling even! If any of you guys can see this post, how was the show??

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NEW VIDEO WEDNESDAY - NikkiSaraComedy, FartWithHeadphonesOn & PFFL

Justin Timberlake, Make Music Again | NikkiSaraComedy

Relationships with Daily Grace | FartWithHeadphonesOn

Eli Manning for The PFFL | PFFL


The UCB East is Now Open for Business: First Photos, Shows, and Details From the New Theater

The UCBT officially unlocked its East Village expansion Tuesday night, The UCB East (aka The Beast). But judging by the utter lack of wacky inflatable arm tube dudes and the three random people in the crowd for its first show (a screening of Wild Girls Gone), it's not ready for a Theater Magazine feature story yet. I strolled through, snagging shots of the new space. It seats a 100 maybe and is both long-ish and narrow. You'll need to speak with your diaphragms inserted to reach the lurkers in the back. Oh, and the stage is small, probably 12-14 feet wide? UCB West devotees will be majorly disappointed by the clear, unobstructed view from every seat. The venue has a foyer and a roomy spillway, which means you'll be able to shotgun PBRs before and after a performance without getting rained on. BYOB for now though til the liquor license fairies come by.

The official calendar should be debuting any moment now at the UCBT site--someone at the theater said it'll go live tonight at midnight. Here's this week's lineup.

**Full First Week Schedule**

Wednesday 9/7

7:30pm - $5 - Outlook of the Poet + Two Man Movie

9:00pm - $5 - Doppelganger + Cheating On Harold (this week: Standard Oil + Very Good Kiss)

11:00pm - free - The Improv Jam (hosted by Grandma's Ashes)

Thursday 9/8

6:00pm - free - Oh, Hey Guys (storytelling open mic, hosted by John Flynn)

7:30pm - $5 - Adam Wade: BIG HEART

9:00pm - $5 - Totally JK (hosted by Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel)

11:00pm - free - Gutbucket (stand-up open mic, hosted by Rob Stern and Amber Nelson)

Friday 9/9

7:30pm - $10 - Diamond Lion

9:00pm - $10 - Creaghead & Company Industrial Showcase

11:00pm - $5 - Gentrify

Saturday 9/10

7:30pm - $10 - AIRWOLF: Let's Go Back To Your Place

9:00pm - $10 - The Extended Play E.P. Music Album Release Party with TJ Miller

11:00pm - $5 - Underground Americana (w/ Jeff Rubin, Lang Fisher and more)

Sunday 9/11

7:30pm - $5 - Two Fun Men + Off The Cuff

9:00pm - $5 - Hot Soup 11:00pm - $5 - Fresh Out (hosted by Adam Conover)

Monday 9/12

8:00pm - $5 - Wheelhouse (hosted by Will Hines)

10:00pm - $5 - Improv Nerds

Tuesday 9/13

8:00pm - $5 - After Hours with Gene Hackman & Friends

10:00pm - $5 - It Is It (hosted by Adam Lowitt)